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Paweł Antosiak

I am Paweł Antosiak, currently a student of Business Informatics at University of Gdansk and a PHP developer by profession. I am passionate of web development focused on back-end technologies as well. My ambition is to become a master in what I love to do.

I love to create websites since I have discovered HTML and CSS at the end of secondary school. Making divs and styling them to perfection was very addictive that I could spent whole days at text editor, and effects of my work were so satisfying, that I quickly realised, what I want to do for rest of my life. Over time, when I began to learn about PHP and databases, I found myself especially interested in back-end development. Nowadays, I spend every single day on improving my knowledge and skills in creating web applications.


I am familiar with both client-side and server-side technologies, but back-end and PHP programming is a path I took. I strongly believe, that a good programmer need to have a discipline. I always care about writing SOLID and clean code, and PSR or principles like DRY and KISS are not unknown for me. Moreover, I know a litte bit about design and architectural patterns, and currently I am mastering my skills in PHP frameworks and DDD as well.

Technologies I have worked with:


Talk is cheap. Show me the code - Linus Torvalds


If you want to contact me, below is one of the possible options to do that.